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Step By Step Course
In this BABY-STEPS Bundle, you will be emailed access to your pre-paid 50 video step-by-step construction course

  • The "Build Your Own Pinball Machine – Beginner’s Construction Course (a companion to 10 project kits)" on, ($200 value)

NOTE - Due to excessive overseas shipping costs, over multiple deliveries, the BABY STEPS Bundle is only available to Australian customers.

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File Downloads
Along with other essential items:
  • File Downloads ($200 value)

    • Laser-Cut Files - for use on plywood and acrylic sheets (which you source)

    • 3D Printer Files

    • Arduino UNO Coding Files


Screenshot - Bundle Download - Baby Step
Specialised Parts
  • Circuit Boards ($200 value) - 23 unpopulated (components not yet soldered on) Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

  •  Purpose Built Parts ($200 value) - These plastic and metal mechanical parts cannot be sourced Off-The-Shelf and as such EPK has to manufacture then for you (reducing construction difficulty and your tooling and build time requirements)

Off-The-Shelf Part Kits

With this Bundle option, you will receive one Kit at a time. All Off-The-Shelf parts are distributed across 10 Project Kits ($2000 value). One Kit will be delivered to you per week or month depending on the subscription you choose. The parts contained in the 10 Kits are:

  • Electronic Components - needed to populate the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

  • Electromechanical Parts - motors, wires, switches, fuses, speaker, etc. 

  • Electronic Modules - microcontroller, accelerometer, SD Card read/writer, audio amplifier, power supply

  • Mechanical Parts - nuts, bolts, washers, spacers, stand-offs, springs, rebound rubber, etc. 

Repair of electronic devices, tin solder
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