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Guidance Provided
In this Step-By-Step 10 x 5 Module Construction Course

(course is purchased as part of your Bundle)

I will giude you in how to:

  • Source and laser-cut plywood and acrylic sheets, and glue/fit these components together in a specific sequence

  • Make 3D Printed parts 

  • Identify electronics components, solder these onto Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and test/troubleshoot finished PCBs 

  • Assemble all sub-assemblies

  • Write and upload microcontroller code to sense a TILT, trigger Sound Effects and control a Servo Motor

  • Design and install your own Playfield and Pinball Cabinet graphic artwork and sound effects

Electronic components, circuit board and

After Bundle payment, I will email you an Invitation to enroll for the course.

Course Structure
Each of the 10 Kit Modules are Broken up into 5 Build Streams:
  1. Woodwork and Plastics Fabrication & Assembly

  2. ​Electronics Assembly Printed Circuit Board populating and soldering (some tools required);

  3. Electro-Mechanical - Mechanical, Electromechanical and Mechatronics Assembly

  4. Microcontroller Coding

  5. Artwork - Graphic (print) design and Sonic (sound effects) design

Repair of electronic devices, tin solder

Once you accept my invitation, I will grant you free access to the course.

This course would be ideal for:

  • DUOs - As a parent-child DIY project, 

  • TEAMS - Designed for up to 15 school students to be working concurrently and collaboratively on this fun, cool, challenging and real-world STEM project that will amaze and impress their friends. It can also provide pre-trade apprenticeship or pre-university engineering experiences for High School Vocational Education and Training (VET) students.

  • SOLOs - For retro game enthusiasts, or as a Man Cave / Men's Shed / Makerspace project.

Note: Educational setting course materials, containing electronic circuit diagrams and theory, will be available for purchase separately at  Engineering Project Kits . Please let me know if you require this additional content.

Electronic workshop, young lady solderin

The 50 video tutorials are designed for the complete beginner, but even experienced makers will find them helpful.

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